Brits in UAE issued advice manual



The British Embassy is to supply British expats in the UAE with a special advice booklet centred around how they should carry themselves when in the Emirates.

The booklet has been created after the Embassy learnt that Brits are more likely to be arrested in the United Arab Emirates than anywhere else in the world, with the sole exception of Thailand.

Over the years, and as expats to UAE increase in numbers, more and more Brits are falling afoul of the law in UAE. The issue isn't with bad behaviour, more a clashing of cultures, as UAE sensibilities are very different to those found in the UK.

At the launch of the booklet Guy Warrington from the British Consul in UAE said: “It’s not because the British community here is badly behaved, the British community here is very well behaved. But FCO research does show that a majority of arrests overseas are avoidable.”

The booklet will not only be given to adults, but the consul intends to visit English schools in the UAE to teach children valuable etiquette lessons too.

There are currently around 100,000 Brits living in the UAE, with around a million more there for visits each year.

The booklet will serve to highlight some of the main reasons for trouble, including: drinking alcohol in public, public displays of affection, sex outside of marriage, using offensive language and behaviour and numerous other points.