Bahrain visa system confuses expats



Reports from the UAE suggest that some British expats are experiencing confusion with the Bahrain visa entry process.

Expatriates yet to secure residence permits were previously given a three month visa, however now it appears that they are being given visas for two months only.

This unannounced move has left expat entering the country in a state of confusion and dismay. The British Embassy has confirmed the changes though, stating that they had been informed of the change.

Not only are new expats annoyed by the change, existing expats in Bahrain are also experiencing problems as visiting family members are having their proposed schedules drastically reduced.

One British expat lamented the new ruling to Gulf Daily News: “My daughter and her two children came in for the Easter break and, even after some debate, were issued a visa for only 14 days instead of the usual three months. We had to fill out a questionnaire for each passport, write a letter stating why we needed more than two weeks and then one of them took copies of the passports and told us we would get a response in three to four days. I went back to the passport office a few days later only to be told that the decision on the extension had still not been finalised.”