Spain proves to be destination of choice for retired expats


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According to findings in the second part of HSBC's 2010 Expat Explorer Survey, Expat Experiences, Spain is the most popular place in the world for retired expats to move to.

The annual survey revealed that 38 percent of all expats in Spain are actually retirees, and this comes as little surprise as Spain scores favourably in areas that would appeal to retirees. Spain performed better than any other country when it came to expat integration, 92 percent of the respondents said they made effort to learn and use Spanish, 93 percent said they were happy to experience the local culture, 79 percent said the preferred Spanish food to that of their previous home, 88 percent enjoyed local shopping and 59 percent said it was easy to make local friends.

Expats in Spain also tend to stay for longer than in other countries, 52 percent of expats have been in Spain for more than six years, and the overall average in other countries is just 35 percent.

However, despite these positive results, it was discovered that Spain was difficult for initial set up procedures.

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