Expats given new housing option in New Zealand

New Zealand Home

A new type of housing has been unveiled in New Zealand dubbed the Simple House, the special properties have been made in a bid to make housing more affordable, especially for the growing number of expats who live in New Zealand.

Designed by the team of architects, S3, and built by Housing New Zealand, the homes are actually intended to be built by the buyer.

“For the first time all the information needed to design a simple house, including compliance requirements and building standards, has been brought together in one place The Simple House Acceptable Solution document is a guide to building innovative, affordable and easily constructable homes. Without compromising safety or quality it provides a framework for architects, designers and builders to develop affordable housing.”

Housing in New Zealand has long been a concern for expats venturing to New Zealand. Current Brit expat, Jennifer Barraclough, told The Telegraph: “The cost of housing here is very high, especially in Auckland, and the leaky homes have certainly caused big problems. We bought an old wooden villa which is full of ‘character’, but it requires constant maintenance.”