It's raining money in Japan


Raining Money

A man in Japan caused chaos on a busy motorway by scattering thousands of pounds worth of banknotes over the roads.

The unnamed man, thought to be around 49 years old, took up position by the Higashi-Meihan motorway tollbooth in the Aichi prefecture. He then proceeded to throw hundreds of 10,000 yen bank notes, worth around £73 each, into the air.

Police swiftly arrived to the scene after a concerned motorist alerted the emergency services to the incident. The man was then found wondering around in a dazed state, where he was arrested and taken back to the police station for questioning.

Jason Carter, a British expat who currently works in Japan, said the scene was reminiscent of a music video: “It was crazy, I remember seeing an old music video back in England where a band released a large amount of bank notes into a busy shopping centre, but to actually see it in person, on a motorway no less, simply amazing!”

Astonishingly, 2.77 million yen, around £20,000, worth of scattered bank notes were handed into the Japanese authorities, giving a reminder of the honest mentality the remains in the country.
However, there are suspicions that all the money may not have been handed in, and that much more may have been thrown out by the man. According to his family he left his home earlier in the day with up to 7 million yen.