HMRC error continues to cause problems

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The HMRC error that has led to uproar amongst the public is continuing to cause problems for both HMRC and UK citizens.

HMRC themselves have admitted that they are struggling to deal with the sheer volume of cases thy must investigate, and with news that some cases date back six years, there is still the possibility that more people will face investigation and demands for unpaid tax.

There is currently a backlog of 17.9 million cases being dealt with which is creating an enormous strain on HMRC. HMRC still hope that continued investigation will see a recouping of around £5 billion.

However the Coalition Government has also taken the chance to make a dig at the previous government. A source within the Government said: “These are legacy cases that built up in the last decade when Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband were running HMRC. The previous government's policy was to simply ignore these cases every year and let them build up. The coalition’s policy is to actually deal with them which is what we are doing .”