Canada wants more UK expats


A huge initiative is being launched to attract more British expatriate workers to Northwestern Ontario Canada.

The area is one of the largest, yet least populated, in all of Canada and it is said to be in desperate need of professional workers. In total Northwestern Ontario is made up of 32 states, however only one of these states has a population of more than 10,000.

All 32 states have now joined forces and launched a campaign to bring in as many professional workers and skilled graduates as possible. A website has been created giving information about the area regarding employment and general living, and a strong advertising campaign is set to be rolled out across various British cities within the coming months.

Workers are needed in a range of industries including healthcare, technology, science and also business entrepreneurs.

Rebecca Johnson, vice-president of the Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce, said: “Though Northwestern Ontario once had a large migrant population, most British people who move to Canada now go to the more populated centres like Toronto and Quebec. Our population is ageing, and there are many businesses in the area which need new owners.”