New expat networking site


A new expat social networking site has been launched to connect expats around the globe.

InterNations is a brand new website that is calling itself the “first international online community for people who live and work abroad”. They stress that the site will be invaluable for expats who are keen to establish a network of like-minded contacts and friends, wherever in the world they may be.

The site already boasts over 230 whole communities around the world, and the members are a mix of all different types of expat from diplomats to foreign correspondents to NGOs and multinational company employees.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have revolutionised the way we interact with each other, and how we use the internet itself.

InterNations aims to use the blueprint of the aforementioned sites and create a similar community specifically for expats. Expats as a social group are ever increasing their numbers and with that the need to be able to connect with other expats grows.

InterNations has six main functions that will greatly assist expatriates. These are:

Community- The building of a local community of expats in different parts of the world

Network- The creation of an expat network that allows expats to connect with like-minded people

Mentors and Ambassadors- These nominated individuals will give specific advice and information on the areas where they live for new expats who may need assistance in the area

Online Forums- Here you will be able to field queries and chat to other expats online

General info- This section will provide general information on a number of popular expat locations

Events- InterNations hosts regular events for expats to attend

To join Expat & Offshore in the social media revolution, follow the official Twitter account, @whichoffshore, for daily updates.