British expat cycles back to the UK…. from China


Theo Brun

Thirty four year old British expatriate Theo Brun has completed an extraordinary journey home, cycling through over 15 countries to return to the UK from China.

The former lawyer, a long time expat who has previously worked in London, Paris and Moscow, decided to leave his most recent job in Hong Kong and embark on the return trip of a lifetime.

Theo decided to split the trip into two parts, and last autumn he completed the first leg by travelling 3,000 km from Hong Kong to the Xi’an in China. Following a break to avoid the Chinese Winter, he then set off again and ventured through countries like Uzbekistan, Russia and Kazakhstan before finally reaching the United Kingdom.

However, it was not a completely smooth ride, and Brun overcame a number of obstacles during the quest including ticks, high altitude health issues and even hallucinations.

Theo chose to go on the voyage as he had always had a thirst for thrill and wanted to do it before he got too old. Speaking to The Telegraph he said: “I'm just young enough still to be doing something mildly absurd like cycling halfway across the world. Personally I wouldn't want to be any older - I have enough creaking joints now as it is.”