Canada increases expat strategy



The Canadian region of Ottawa has created a new strategy to attract more expat workers, and also to make life better for the expats currently there.

The main focus of the scheme is to build an image of Ottawa as one of the main global expat destinations, a destination that expats will want to move to.

These strategies will involve a number of new methods including social connection schemes to help the expats settle in. Authorities in Ottawa will also seek the support of businesses within the region to create more employment opportunities for skilled expatriates. Other aspects of life will also be targeted for improvement, including health care and education.

The strategy will establish ways of simplifying the many services aimed at expatriates in Ottawa, as these have sometimes been seen as confusing. They will do this first by creating a central needs assessment facility giving new expats advice and support on how to settle into Canada.

Latest figures show that around 6,300 expats move to Ottawa every year, making up about 100 percent of the city’s labour force net growth. A further 2,700 arrive in Ottawa as temporary workers and a further 2,300 as students.