Expats strike blow in Spanish property row


Spanish Property

A posse of hardnosed expats have seen their determination to gain justice for the Spanish property row finally see results as a Spanish courts has ruled that the accused developers must answer for their actions.

After a lengthy five year battle the nine-expat strong group has defeated the rogue Spanish property developers who built homes that were far removed from the luxury five star facilities they promised.

The case spun out of a property deal that saw nine British expatriates hand over deposits of £200,000 for homes that would be built on as part of a supposedly high-luxury complex by the Corvera Golf and Country Club bear the region of Murcia.

Sadly, the luxury facilities never materialised and when asked to explain the reasons for a cease in construction no response was forthcoming. However, now a judge has decreed the developers must answer for their crimes, and a date of July 2012 has been set for a courtroom showdown.

Another appeal against the unscrupulous developers also revealed that the developers did not even have planning permission to complete the final stage of the properties, a suspicion the expats long held.

Despite the hardship and anguish that the property calamity has caused, the expats are pleased that a resolution may be on the horizon. One of the solicitors representing the group, Alex Radford, said: “The past couple of years have been fraught with frustration, worry and anger for all of those who put their hard-earned savings into this development with the promise that they would be part of something really special. Shockingly, that promise has never been fulfilled.”

He added: “These people deserve answers as to why the facilities they were told would be built have not been and the opportunity to claim their money back from the company. We maintain the belief that the developers are in breach of contract and are delighted that those who have been badly let down in this affair will get the chance to have their voices heard in a court of law next year.”