Expat-shoring is here to stay

Expat Globe

For expats, making the move to live abroad is a stressful and worrying experience and even more so when employment in your new home is less than secure.

It is common for expats to leave good job prospects back at home when moving to live offshore. Often an expat will find that their skills and experience is valued more in their home country than their host country.

In situations like that a new concept could be becoming more and more vital to prospects of a happy time abroad. Expat-shoring is the process of connecting expats with work placements back home or around the world.

Teleworking: Expats for Hire is one company doing pioneering work in the sector. They are rapidly expanding their network beyond their traditional base amongst American expats to help find those expats based in Europe and around the world quality employment using the skills that they have available.

Companies like Teleworking: Expats for Hire could transform the expat dream into an expat reality for many who now find it out of their reach. Most would be expats either have to wait to retire or be sent abroad by their companies but now that has all changed.

With better connections than ever before between expats and potential employers, it is becoming easier and easier to make living abroad financially viable.