June 2011 News

30th June 2011 New UAE visa for expats who buy property

30th June 2011 Expat Happiness Index

29th June 2011 Consumers neglecting to take financial advice

29th June 2011 Abu Dhabi trims expat employees

28th June 2011 British expats frustrated in America

28th June 2011 UK billionaires dwindle

27th June 2011 HMRC seeks to clear up residency definition

27th June 2011 China offers new opportunities for expats

24th June 2011 Frozen pensions plight taken to parliament

24th June 2011 Jersey’s financial industry grows

23rd June 2011 FCO urges Brits to leave Syria

22nd June 2011 Expat life attracts more Britons

22nd June 2011 Property in Brazil

21st June 2011 Expats win argument in France

21st June 2011 New Zealand offers new one year visa

20th June 2011 UK government steps in to aid expats in Spain

20th June 2011 HMRC targets expat tutors

16th June 2011 Company helps expats donate unwanted goods to charity

16th June 2011 Canada found to be “most welcoming” for expats

15th June 2011 BBC iPlayer begins global expansion

15th June 2011 Expat mums unite

14th June 2011 Warren Buffet doesn’t like gold

14th June 2011 UK taxes amongst the world’s highest

13th June 2011 Tokyo remains expensive for expats

13th June 2011 Expats to have new international healthcare products

10th June 2011 Expats happy with decision to move

10th June 2011 Russia changes expat laws

9th June 2011 Expat visitors urged to take out travel insurance

9th June 2011 Hong Kong office space is the world's most expensive

8th June 2011 West fails at retirement planning

8th June 2011 Saudi expats reassured

7th June 2011 Isle of Man QROPS

7th June 2011 HSBC highlights lack of retirement planning

6th June 2011 Taxman claims bounty from UK high earners

6th June 2011 Jersey celebrates its 50th year as a financial centre

3rd June 2011 Marmite banned in Denmark, British expats fume

3rd June 2011 Expat outrage over Saudi visa cap

2nd June 2011 Avivia discovers what UK expats miss the most

2nd June 2011 Saudi Arabia to limit expat stay

1st June 2011 QROPS monitors in place