The world's most travelled expat

Fred Finn

British expatriate Fred Finn is officially the world's most travelled man.

Officially recognised as the world's most travelled expat by the Guinness Book of World Records, Finn has spent a lifetime moving and working around the globe, and even now at age 70 he says he has no plans to stop.

Mr Finn has travelled across 15 million miles and visited 139 countries. His life as an expat began in his younger days when he worked for international licensing companies, in fact, during those days he set another record for flying between London and New York three times in one day.

His remarkable travelling was first noticed in 1983 when the now-defunct Concorde flyers began to notice just how much he was flying. Weaving a long legacy on that specific plane alone, Finn has flown on a Concorde more times than anyone else in the world, 718 flights in total, and was present for both the first Concorde flight and indeed the last.

Now in his 70s, Finn still works, and due to his remarkable travelling record is frequently hired by travel companies as a consultant and also a public speaker. He also works for holiday companies and tourism boards.

Finn still loves his work, and when asked to name his favourite destinations he cited Ukraine and Kenya as stand out places.

With most of the planet covered Fred is now exploring the possibility of travelling to even further destinations, namely those in outer space: ”Seeing as I've travelled to most of the earth, I have started looking further afield. I signed on for the Pan American trip to the Moon when they launched passenger services but sadly Pan American are no longer with us. But it's still something I'd be really keen to explore as soon as the opportunity arises", he said.