HMRC in yet more blunders as PM cements VAT increase


Around one million more people are going to receive letters about tax discrepancies as the HMRC tax code calamity continues.

These new notices will be sent out on top of the six million that have already gone out, some people will be told that they have overpaid, however others will receive the unwelcome notice that they have underpaid, meaning more money will have to be coughed up. On average the amount that people had to pay is around £1,428.

A HMRC spokeswoman said: "We are continuing our programme of resolving outstanding cases with improved accuracy."

The news comes at a time when taxes are sure to be at the forefront of the nation's collective mind, and British Prime Minister has now hinted that the recent VAT increase is a permanent move.

Earlier in the month, VAT increased from 17.5 percent up to 20 percent, as part of the governments deficit-reducing measures to draw in more money. Government officials hope that the increase in VAT will bring in an extra £13 billion each year, and with those kinds of numbers its not something that will disappear.

However, PM Cameron did suggest that the 50 percent tax rate for high earners could be scrapped in the future. Speaking on BBC's Andrew Marr Show the PM said that the “structural budget deficit” was the reason behind the “permanent” VAT increase.

He also said: “If you didn't do VAT, what tax would you do? The first category there would probably be National Insurance. that's what Labour have committed to - and putting up National Insurance when you're trying to get the economy growing and jobs growing would be a perverse thing to do.”