British expats love Canada



A new survey has found Canada to have the best quality of life, according to British expatriates.

This accolade has been bestowed upon Canada as it topped the fourth annual NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index.

British expatriates who took part in the survey voted in the majority for Canada in a number of different categories. Financial success rated very highly with 90 percent of the respondents rating their finances in Canada as good or excellent, 92 percent rated their working environment the same, and 92 percent lauded the Canadian environment, resources and natural beauty. A further 94 percent said that Canada’s nature was a big plus point of living there. Expats also prised the Canadian healthcare system, with 90 percent rating it as excellent.

Canada’s stock as an international business zone is rising, it was recently found to be the safest place to live and carry out business out of all the G7, and it was also the best performing G7 nation throughout the recent worldwide recession. This is in part due to its stable banking system and healthy property market.

NatWest’s head of international personal banking, David Isely, said: “This is the second year Canada has topped the tables of the NatWest IPB Quality of Life Index. Its excellent working conditions, financial security and peaceful reputation have pushed Canada into this year’s pole position. It seems the pull of the beautiful Rockies, the Mounties and the marvellous taste of maple syrup is a real sticking point for expats.”

Canada is currently taking in more expat workers than ever before, and 70 percent of the labour force growth is attributed to foreign workers. Isely went on to mention how British expats seem to fit into Canada even better than others: “As a member of the Commonwealth, Canada offers Brits common values and goals shared with the UK, helping British expats settle into the country and feel at home. UK expats say they are living a more fulfilled lifestyle abroad, whilst also benefiting financially. This is particularly true for UK expats in Canada who not only say they benefit from financial security, improved cost of living and a happier working environment but a better work life balance and equal opportunities,” he said.