FCO tells Brits to leave Syria


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a warning to all British expats in Syria urging them to leave as soon as possible.

Recent riots and demonstrations caused by political instability have resulted in the FCO placing a statement on their website imploring that all British expats and holidaymakers leave the country immediately. The statement says: “At present there is relative freedom of movement with all major roads and airports remaining open and with commercial airlines still running scheduled services with capacity available: it should therefore be possible for British nationals to leave if they choose to do so.”

The situation in Syria is getting so dire the FCO may soon charter flights to evacuate any Britons who may be stuck there. An FCO spokesman said: “We have contingency plans in place and will respond to the situation that we face. Any decisions to make changes to our travel advice as a result of changes in the situation are taken by our ministers who are kept closely in touch with what is happening in Syria. Advice to ministers is based on a security assessment and the risks posed to the safety of British nationals.”