New investment in Niue

map of nieu

In the blissful surroundings of the South Pacific lies what is often referred to as ‘The Rock of Polynesia’- The Isle of Niue. What Niue lacks in size, measuring just 259 square kilometres, it more than makes up for in breathtaking natural beauty and an ever developing economy.

Being such a small island Niue does not have the same business opportunities as a major city but that’s not to say that there are no opportunities at all. The private sector within Niue is currently being pushed by the government, with $1 million recently being used to build the Fonuakula Industrial Park, which is now open and houses several businesses. Natural produce is one of Niue’s biggest exports, and pastimes. Most of Niue’s residents grow their own crops, agriculture being the main source of income for most of the Niue natives. However, big efforts have been made in recent years to promote sectors such as tourism and financial services. The Niue Investment Promotion Agency (NIPA) was set up by the Government of Niue to promote investments into the country.

Despite its farming lifestyle and small size Niue still has room for investment opportunities in areas such as IT and Telecommunications, with scope for e-commerce as the entire island and all its inhabitants are supplied with free Wi-Fi internet connections. Tourism is also vital; with such great natural beauty in Niue there is much to draw in new visitors including diving excursions and nature trails. There is also specialised agriculture and fishing which produces natural products and niche items.

exotic niue coastline

Niue actively promotes new business on its shores, so you can contact the NIPA and apply for permission to get your business idea up and running. You will need to give NIPA an outline of the nature of your business, financial, building and power requirements.

The inhabitants of the Isle of Niue are big sports fans, and despite its size there are a number of exciting sporting events that take place. Rugby, golf, football and netball are all very popular.

Niue has close ties to New Zealand, with its citizens being granted free access there. The people of Niue traditionally speak a language called Niuean, a language that is also spoken in the Cook Islands, New Zealand and Tonga. Whilst this language is indeed the official language of Niue you will find that most people are fluent in English too.