Expats positive about overseas experience


A new survey by a leading global recruiter has discovered that practically all expats speak highly of their experiences abroad.

The Hydrogen Group quizzed 756 expat professionals about their current working lives, including their thoughts on living conditions, wages, careers and relocation in general.

On the whole responses were good, 98 percent said their time aboard was a positive experience, and 98 percent also said that they would recommend relocating to others.

Working abroad is seen by many as a fantastic weapon to have on your CV, current expat Liane Glass said: Moving was quite a daunting experience but also exciting, as I was setting up a new life. It’s definitely benefited my career, especially in terms of everything I’m learning. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything by not being at home, it’s far better to have the international experience on my CV.”

She added: “I’ve had the chance to work in interesting environments with people from all over the world. I've travelled through Europe and really enjoy living in a vibrant city like London. At the moment I haven’t made any long term decisions as I still have so much to gain from working in the UK, and have lots of other countries to visit.”