Expat blogger sued for negative restaurant review



Mark and Natalie Makhoul, two expats who live in Kuwait, are being sued by the restaurant chain Benihana after Mark posted a review of the eatery on his blog.

Oriental food chain Benihana, who have restaurants all over the world, recently opened up in Kuwait. Mark is known for writing a popular blog and upon visiting Benihana restaurant he wrote a less than amazing review.

In the review Mark said: “The problem with my experience last night though was with the food, it was disappointing to say the least” he also said that he would not return to the restaurant.

In response to his blog review, the Benihana company has issued him with a lawsuit. An excerpt form the court order reads: “we order the payment of KD5001 as a compensation for the damages caused to the restaurant management and for encouraging large number of customers not to try the restaurant by insulting, doubting the quality and food served by Benihana and using expressions that disgust people from trying the food.”

However despite the suit Mark remains defiant, he claims to have had threats like this in the past and says he will “fight Benihana to the end”.