Expats prosper overseas



A new survey has discovered that the majority of expat entrepreneurs believe they have enjoyed more success directly as a result of moving abroad.

According to the fourth annual NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index 70 percent of the quizzed expat entrepreneurs claimed to be achieving much more from their business lives than they previously had.

Interestingly, Singapore and Hong Kong were the two places lauded the most as areas to develop a business.

NatWest’s head of International Personal Banking said; “Setting up your own business can be difficult and you would imagine doing so abroad would be a task for the brave. A new breed of entrepreneurs is emerging and it is encouraging to see that these pioneers are thriving in foreign climes. It is interesting to see that Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA are fruitful entrepreneurial countries according to the index yet China and UAE rank so low. Given the current economical climate, it is no surprise that expat entrepreneurs in Portugal, Spain and France do not feel they have a positive business outlook.”

Looking ahead, the entrepreneurs remained positive over their future prospects- 22 percent felt their business prospects over the next three years would be either very good or excellent, and 55 percent rated their forecast as good.