Expat executives flourishing in China


According to new reports, seventy percent of senior expatriate executives currently working in China feel their earnings have improved over the last five years, and around 90 per cent plan to stay in China for at least a further three years.

These figures were revealed as the results of a survey report released by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) on earlier this week.

The survey also revealed that executive expats are primarily drawn to China due to its healthy economy and positive business outlook.

Most respondents of the survey worked in leading general management roles, earning around $150,000 or more per year. Fifty-seven per cent of respondents plan to stay for at least five , and 32 per cent said to stay three to five years.

Peter Felix, president of the AESC, an executive search consulting organization, said: “We are much impressed by this result. It indicates that the senior executives find working in China enjoyable, interesting and well paid. There is an international market for high-end talents, and they flow from one country to another. Countries are fiercely competing for these people. Conditions for foreigners are dramatically improved in China.”