British expats introduces Cornish Pasty to the Danish

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A British expat has found success by introducing the Cornish pasty to Denmark.

Jason Maher recently opened up what he claims to be the only Cornish Pasty house in Denmark, and he also claims that the savoury pastries have been a tremendous hit in a country known for its sweet pastries.

According to Maher his pasties have predictably been very popular amongst British expats in the country, but even more popular amongst Danish natives. Maher, a 45 year old former RAF pilot, said: “The Danes only sell sweet pastries, so I think they find pasties quite interesting. It’s a sort of halfway house between a takeaway and a bakery. I was always meeting people who'd tell me they love Cornish pasties, so it seemed a real gap in the market. I toyed with the idea a long time, but after getting laid off last year, finally decided to give it a go.”

Maher’s pasties are completely authentic, in fact a recent rule was introduced by the European Commission that stated only pasties actually made in Cornwall can hold the moniker ‘Cornish pasty’. To comply with this Maher has his pasties exclusively shipped over from Cornwall to ensure his customers taste the real deal.