New online health insurance service for expats

Health Insurance

One of the world leading suppliers of expatriate healthcare has made changes to its website allowing expats easier online access.

MediCare International claims that their new improved website will allow potential customers to jump from quote to cover within just two minutes. Upon logging in to the site, they will be given a list of policy levels that will cover a wide range of circumstances, and then have the option of instantly purchase the policy itself completely online.

MediCare have been supplying expatriates with health insurance for over 25 years, and they have clients in over 115 countries and 100 different nationalities. David Pryor, senior executive director at MediCare, said: “The launch of our online buying package, which is aimed at expatriates of all nationalities, will bring significant service benefits to clients worldwide. We already have a reputation for one of the fastest claims settlement times in the market, a major benefit which our own research has highlighted regularly as a key service requirement. Now clients can log on and use their credit card to buy the correct policy for their circumstances in a matter of minutes, wherever they are in the world. The new website lays out policy coverage and details, so choosing the right option is simple, quick and easy.”

Health insurance is a vital part of an expatriates life, in fact many popular expat destinations have health insurance as a pre-requisite for being allowed to work in their country. Learn more about healthcare in expat destinations via our detailed City Guides.