Bikini showdown leads to Brit arrest in Dubai

Clothing Disclaimer

A British tourist holidaying in Dubai has been arrested on a charge of indecency after parading around a mall clad only in a bikini.

Reports claim that the unnamed holidaymaker was shopping in the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping centre, when she was confronted by an Arabic woman for wearing what Dubai natives would refer to as ‘revealing clothing’, at that point believed to be a low cut top and a skirt.

A heated row swiftly ensued between the two women, with the Brit becoming enraged and telling the Arab lady to “mind her own business”. The British woman then sought to further make a point by stripping down to just a bikini and taunting the horrified shoppers. Mall security guards flocked to the scene followed by police who came to arrest the tourist.

According to the Daily Mail, a source within the Dubai police force said: “The British woman was wearing a very low top and most of her legs were on display. The Arabic woman stopped to criticise her and that's when she stripped off. That's when things started to get out of hand. We ended up questioning both women after receiving a call from the mall security staff.”

Despite Dubai having a more lenient outlook on western ways than other Gulf States, westerners are still implored to “wear respectful clothing”, with many signs in the malls asking visitors to do just that. British people seem to be particularly prone to falling afoul of the indecency law. Earlier this year Charlotte Adams was jailed for one month after kissing a man, fellow Brit Ayman Najafi, in a restaurant.