UAE to introduce stricter health checks for expats



UAE authorities have announced plans to introduce stricter health checks on expatriates who wish to enter the country.

Beginning on the 1st of October, the new plans will see potential expats checked for contagious diseases before they enter the UAE and before they are granted a residency permit.

The plans have been revealed by the UAE Ministry of Health, as they make a further attempt to increase health in the country and lessen the possibility of outside viruses coming in.

Expatriates will also have to undergo more tests once they have entered the UAE before they will be given their residency permit.
However, at the moment only expatriates from certain countries, mainly those in South East Asia, will be tested.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said: “The new procedures will positively affect public health and eliminate diseases among newcomers to the UAE who are either coming for work or residence. The most important reason for the implementation of the program in the country of origin is to discover diseases in a suitable time. This achieves the highest protection grades.”