Telegraph starts campaign against frozen pensions


The Telegraph, one of England's most esteemed newspapers, has a launched a campaign to rectify the issue of frozen pensions.


There are a round 400,000 British expats located in the world who are stuck with frozen pensions that remain at the same rate they were at when the expat left the UK.

Last year a group of 13 expats lost their final case against the frozen pensions, which has seen thousand of expats stuck with pensions that aren't rising with inflation, in some cases left as little as £6 per week.

Now The Daily Telegraph has set out to tackle the matter by sending, and publishing, an open letter to UK pensions minister Steve Webb.

The letter, which can be found in its entirety on the Telegraph website, begins: “Dear Mr Webb,
On behalf of the 400,000 or so expat pensioners who have had their state pension payments frozen at the rate they were at when they left the UK, we tried to speak to you last month.”

It then goes on to ask Mr Webb if he will address the issue of the frozen pensions, which is something that Mr Webb spoke about before the Coalition Government came into power.