Royal wedding could lead to share increase

Royal Love

As a nation rejoices over the announcement that Prince William will marry his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton, market traders are also rejoicing at the prospect of potential share increases in a number of companies.

Traders in the city are reportedly compiling portfolios involving industries such as drinks companies, security firms and souvenir manufacturers, as they are some of the prime sectors that are believed will see increased business in the run-up to the wedding.

The beverage bigwigs Diageo and Greene King are predicted to benefit the most as royal enthusiasts around the glass will tip their glasses in celebration of a much awaited wedding for the country's future king.

It's not just UK citizens that will contribute to the profits though, the British Royal Family has fanatics worldwide and an influx of tourists is expected, meaning hoteliers like Whitbread may also see dramatic share rises.

Manoj Ladwa, at ETX Capital, said: "News of a Royal Wedding comes as a welcome surprise to many companies. The pub, hotel and restaurant trade is likely to be the main beneficiary of increased public spending."