Long haul back pain


Bad Back

Recent reports have highlighted a big problem for expats who frequently find themselves on long haul flights- back pain.

Research conducted by Spine Universe, a leading authority on back pain, has discovered that expats who go on lengthy plane journeys almost always complain of back ache after. Their survey revealed that 88 percent of flyers suffer from aches and pains in both their back and neck after a long flight.

Since expats are more likely to fly more frequently than other people this puts them at greater risk of experiencing more pain, and ultimately they could develop serious back problems.

To help rectify this problem a few tips have been suggested to lessen the strain lengthy flights have on your back.

When aboard a plane, support your neck with an inflatable pillow, and keep the natural curve of your spine in place with a rolled up blanked placed behind your lower back. Also, keep your legs well aligned with your hips, you could do this by putting a book underneath your feet, elevating them slightly.

It’s also important to get up every now and then and have a wander around the plane aisles, if possible it will be even better if you could perform small stretching exercises as space permits.

You may not be aware of this point, but dehydration is also bad for back pain so make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout your flight.

If you do experience pain after your flight then it’s important to keep active, don’t lie down or sit for a long period of time, stretch your body and move around, or perhaps have a massage.

These tips should help with back pain but if discomfort does persist then be sure to visit a medical professional.