Expat Gets Attacked by Shark...

...but that wasn't the worst part of his day.

I was reading an article recently about a certain expat who shouldn’t have gone back into the water. Young Irishman Martin Kane was taking in his usual morning swim in the ocean off Perth, Australia when his day was interrupted by a great white shark.

The prosaic Dubliner described his experience, “I normally say a prayer, and this morning was like a spiritual experience. Then I got a cold feeling and I picked up the pace and started paddling again, and almost as soon as I did there was an almighty crash. All I could see was a great big grey shape and I was trying to think to myself what could have hit me? Those seconds where I picked up the pace probably saved my life,"

Reading about this expat’s lucky escape reminded me of stories I hear from our extended Expat & Offshore family all the time.

Moving abroad for work or family is filled with strife and stress as well as the hoped for success.

The issues encountered by almost every one of the brave individuals who decide to uproot and move to a brave new world abroad are many and varied.

How to secure healthcare in your new home country

The trials of moving not only yourself but your family abroad

International property ownership and mortgages for expats

How to have your say in an election

Even how to pay for University for your children

An ever more globalised world means that these problems are going to be encountered by more and more people.

Luckily, and unlike our Irish friend mentioned earlier, there is help out there.

A quality Independent Financial Adviser is there to help you, whether it is before you depart Britain or if you have already spent many years abroad. A good IFA will help you will all the financial aspects of a move away including wealth management, offshore banking, important money saving tips and transferring your pension.

If you would like help choosing an Independent Financial Adviser you can trust please get in touch today.