Going abroad but want your child to remain in the British education system? Leaving the country doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your child’s educational opportunities. Parents hoping for a smooth transition when moving overseas from the UK, or back to the UK from abroad, can use this map to locate schools around the world that offer the British curriculum, from the Key Stages up to GCSEs.

Click on a star or zoom in on your host country on the map or scroll down to the bottom of this page to find all the English-speaking primary, secondary and through schools that teach the British national curriculum.

Sources of information for this map include the Council for International Schools (CIS), the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and the websites of individual schools. However, if you notice that we’ve missed a British school, then please click the link below to tell us about it and we’ll be sure to pin it on.

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School NameAddressWebsitePhone number
Doha English Speaking SchoolAl Fajr Street, Doha, Qatarwww.dess.org+974 4459 2750
Al Jazeera AcademyDoha, Qataraja.edu.qa+(974) 4469-3777
Al Khor International SchoolAl Khor Community, PO Box 22166, Doha Qatarwww.akis.sch.qa/4473 3688
Compass International SchoolMadinat Khalifa North, Doha, Qatarwww.cisdoha.com+974 4487 7445
Compass International School Gharrafa CampusDoha, Qatarwww.cisdoha.com/4487 7445
Compass International School Rayyan CampusWaab Al Abareq St, Doha, Qatarwww.cisdoha.com4411 4288
Compass International School, Al KhorAl Khor, Qatarcisalkhor.com/+974 44379600
Doha British SchoolDoha, Qatarwww.dohabritishschool.com4450 2257
Doha CollegeP.O. Box: 5404, Doha, Qatarwww.dohacollege.com+974 4407 6777
Dukhan English SchoolDukhan, Qatarwww.des.com.qa/DES/DES.nsf/en_Index?ReadForm+974 44716147
Gulf English SchoolAl Gharrafa St, Ar-Rayyan, Qatargulfenglishschool.sch.qa4457 8777
Mesaieed International SchoolMesaieed, Qatarwww.mic.com.qa/mic/web.nsf/web/mic_mis
Park House English SchoolDoha, Qatarwww.parkhouseschool.com+974 4468 3800
Sherborne Qatar SchoolAr-Rayyan, Qatarwww.sherborneqatar.org4459 6400
Republic of Congo
The Academy for English Education of Lubumbashi16, Avenue de Musee, Commune de Lubumbashi, Republic of Congo. www.afeelinternational.org/09970 15013
International School Point NoireLotissement Tchikobo, Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congowww.ispnprek6.com/00242 067487700
Jewels International School of Kinshasa6705 Av. De L’O.U.A. Commune de Ngaliema, Kinshasa, D.R.Congo, 6705 O.U.A, Kinshasa, Congo (DRC)www.jewelsschool.cd/243818888839
International School for Primary Education72, Bucharest, Romaniawww.inspe.ro021 380 3535
International British SchoolStrada Agricultori 21, Bucharest, Romaniawww.ibsb.ro021 253 1698
British SchoolStrada Erou Iancu Nicolae 42, Voluntari, Româniawww.britishschool.ro021 267 8919
The International School of BucharestȘoseaua Gării Cățelu 1R, Bucharest, Romaniawww.isb.ro021 306 9530
Transylvania College | The Cambridge International School in ClujAleea Băişoara 2, Cluj-Napoca, Romaniawww.transylvania-college.ro0264 418 990
British International School - № 124 B.Akademitcheskaya Street, Moscow, 127299.www.bismoscow.com8 (495) 450-16-26
Atlantic International School SkolkovoZarechye san., Moskovskaya oblast, Russiawww.atlanticschool.ru8 (495) 534-97-45
Atlantik International School - Festivalnaya Moscow, Festivalnaya Street, 7A ("Rechnoy Vokzal" metro)www.atlanticschool.ru+7 (499) 745-6261
British International Primary School7A Užička, Belgrade, Serbiawww.bis.edu.rs011 3066096
British International School of Moscow - №712A Priorova Street, Moscow 127299www.bismoscow.com8 (495) 450-96-58
Children of the World International Primary School Minskaya ulitsa, 1Г корпус 3, Moscow, Russiawww.children-of-the-world.com8 (963) 976-22-28
Magic Castle International Nursery School12 Novosuschevskaya Street, next to m.Dostoevskaya.www.kidclub.xbridge.ru+7 926 530 8949
Magic Castle International Nursery SchoolДостоевского ул., 1, Москва, Россияkidclub.xbridge.ru8 (495) 545-80-81
The English International School Moscow WestMolodogvardeyskaya ulitsa, 9, Moscow, Russiawww.englishedmoscow.com8 (499) 140-10-25
British International School of Moscow - №29 Priorova Street, Moscow, 127299bismoscow.com+7 495 987 4486
Anglo-American School of MoscowBeregovaya Street, 1, Moscow 125367, Russiawww.aas.ru+7 (495) 231-44-70  
Atantic International School Шарикоподшипниковская ул., 30А, блок А, Москва, Россияwww.atlanticschool.ru8 (495) 661-86-91
Atlantic International SchoolSaint-Petersburg, Lakhtinskiy pr., 40/2 Russiawww.atlanticschool.ru+7 (812) 244-5044
Britanskaya Mezhdunarodnaya Shkolawww.bismoscow.com8 (495) 421-21-49
British International School - No 44A Inessi Armand Street, Moscow, 117593www.bismoscow.com+7 495 421 8211
British International School - №5Nakhimovsky Prospekt, 35а, Moscow, Russiawww.bismoscow.com8 (499) 124-34-96
British International School - № 3 19/5 Novoyasenevsky Prospekt, Moscow, 117593www.bismoscow.com+7 495 425 5100
British International School - № 8 МЖК Росинка, дер. Ангелово, Мо, Россияwww.bismoscow.com8 (495) 730-33-66
British International School of Moscow - №635A Nakhimovskiy Prospekt, Moscow, 117418www.bismoscow.com8 (495) 681-35-19
English International SchoolZelenyy prospekt, 66, Москва, Russiawww.englishedmoscow.com8 (495) 301-21-04
The Anglo-American School of MoscowБереговая ул., 1, город Москва, Россияwww.aas.ru8 (495) 231-44-88
The International School of MoscowKrylatskaya Street 12, Krylatskoe, Moscow.121552www.internationalschool.ru+7 (499) 922 44 00