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Financial experts within the United Kingdom have praised the growing QROPS market, with many stating it is reaching a new height of maturity, as well as suggesting that QROPS for American residents are also gaining popularity.

Expats should receive greater protection when buying property abroad, says UK MEP

Liberal Democrat MEP Diana Wallis has stepped up her campaign to see UK expats receive a greater level of security when buying property in Europe. A direct result of the Spanish expat property scandal, Ms Wallis has campaigned on behalf of the thousands of British expatriates who have purchased European properties...

QNUPS pension transfer

Introduced by HMRC last year in February 2010, the Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme (QNUPS) is an exciting new pension opportunity for British Expatriates. The QNUPS allows British Expatriates to save money on taxes in their country of residence, on UK inheritance tax, along with a number of other benefits...


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